Today’s visit to the neck doctor…

27 Nov

They put in for an emergency (stat) procedure for my neck for next Thursday and it’s my understanding that remarkably the insurance company approved it today.

This is actually the same procedure we do every year but the decision has been made that it should be done every six months. The issue is a little more complicated than it used to be. For years it was two vertebra on the right side. Then it went to four. The insurance company will only pay for 2 at a time.

Then I was in that Uber that got hit by a car and the left side started to fail. It’s not near as bad as the right side. So technically we now have six places that need it, but we’ll be choosing 2 to work on. This has been the story of my life for many, many years. We do what we have to do to keep it going. But we can only do what the insurance will cover because it is expensive.

In the past they have always made me take the day off of work. WVU even made me stay over in Morgantown in a hotel the first time I had it done years ago. Now I get treatment at the Boca Regional Medical Center. They carry out the same plan that was written years ago.

Now I’m like, “Listen. I’ve been through this I don’t know how many times. I’m going to work after I walk out of here. It will be fine.” Don’t misunderstand, it will hurt like hell, but if I go home all you do is think about it. Work is a distraction. And if it gets bad enough, there’s wine in the office fridge.

I laughed because I told the doctor, “If we all think this is bad now, just wait until after Thanksgiving and this weekend when I’m done with my Windows project that I am working on at home. Then it’s going to be screaming. But I have to do this. I need to finish this project. My mother is coming for Christmas so I need the work zone moved out of the guest room. Jules might be joining us as well. She came for Christmas last year. I need to call her. So yes, Thursday will work for me.”

He hates it when I do all this stuff that is bad for it but it’s all just part of my life. I manage to push through it.

So what do I do after I really do myself in between now and Thursday with that window project? Well since I don’t drink Whiskey, there’s always Gin. He told me no blood thinners. Do you think that counts LOL?

When I got up this morning I threw on an aqua colored linen dress that I used to wear. You could probably grab six or seven inches around the waist right now. I looked at the tag – size 6. I’m definitely not that size anymore. I got on the scale, down 3 more poundsĀ  – 117. My plan before I start working on my project Thanksgiving day is to eat whatever I want. Pie included.

I just said Friday night when I went to dinner, “You know I used to fill this dress out.”

My friend commented that I was losing my figure. I think that statement is a bit true.

I’ll wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now in case I am MIA in my windows project.

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