Why is this sign here?

24 Nov

It is here because some people are idiots. What is it? The property management association had to post a no trespassing outside my bedroom window.


Live in a private community with private security and idiots will still find there way in. Enough said.

Although blog followers must think everything in my life is public, there is a whole side to my life that is private. Some things are never mentioned here.

I like to live a fairly simple life in a condo on a lake and golf course. Sometimes I have famous guests but they like their privacy too. But it wasn’t the guest room they had to put the sign under.

While I was out there looking at the sign, I’m making a mental note that those are the next windows I need to rehab. Back to working on those windows is on my Thanksgiving list. Doing projects like this on your own keeps you humble and reminds you what seriously hard work is like. The ones that are done look really good.

They can’t put a lot of landscaping under those windows anymore because the landscaping was creating a drainage problem for the building. Water was draining under the building instead of away from it.

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