It is a gorgeous day today…

23 Nov

I am going to head out for a nice long exercise walk because the sun and shinning and it’s beautiful. And then I might go the gym. The guys in the office took everyone out for lunch on Friday and I consumed way too many calories. Then a friend took me to dinner. So now I feel the need to work it off.

I went out with a friend last night who wanted to hear about the crazy month with all the client changes, job changes, personal items, etc. I am normally not so wound up but I’ll be glad to see November go. Period.

I always have a life that is smooth sailing but the the month of November has been the craziest month. I’m done dealing with it all. It’s time for that smooth sailing again.

I called and talk to someone who had reached out to me who was really struggling with that plane crash. After I explained everything, suddenly certain things that had happened in the past made a lot more sense to her. She said she felt a lot better after talking to me so I am glad I could help. I kind of hope it provides a context for other people as well.  I told her, you’ve reflected on it. Now it makes more sense. Now it’s time for you to move on past this stage. Everyone has a different length of time where it takes you to accept reality for what it really was. She didn’t understand CTE so I pointed her in the direction of some resources. I do also recommend the film “Concussion” because it will help her to understand. It almost always resolves with the same ending action. It’s just the disease brought on by the injury.

This is one link that begins to explain it As I recall Dr. Bailes started down the road with Dr. Omalu because during his time as the team physician for the Pittsburg Steelers, 8 players committed suicide and exhibited a wide range of strange behavior and thinking. I think the tipping point that broke his heart the most was the story of Iron Mike. If you watch the film you’ll understand. There are four stages of the disease. A final diagnosis can not made until an autopsy. To get that sample may not even have been possible in this case. He was a doctor and he thought he had it based on previous injuries and ongoing changes in his brain and behavior. I saw some of that as did other people. Now some odd things are making some sense to some people. And he fully understood where this ends up.

I also pointed out that if anyone needed confirmation of what I said, there would be plenty of it in the lawsuit that going on.

So with that, I am done discussing this on the blog. It’s like I told her, “Now you’re going to take the big step and you’re going to move forward for now. Everything will work out and everything will be just fine. You’ll see.”

So now it’s time for me to enjoy that Sunshine today. Have a great day!

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