I broke one of my personal records today…

19 Nov

We deployed the server on Friday.

I had a full development day today.

I replaced their entire company web site on a new server, with the new site and I didn’t copy their database. I had it done before I walked out the door at my regular quitting time. That included the animations too.

Yes, I know how to kick ass. That’s why they call me The Kickass Web Mistress. I don’t know anyone who can do it faster than me. When I hit the gas, I am going to fly and fly I did.

Now, I am sure I will redesign my own design to make it stronger but my first pass is better than most people’s 20th pass.

Well I hoping that it earns a little something that we call RESPECT.

But to replace a company’s web site in one day, that is breaking my personal record. It was previously 36 hours.

No outsourcing. No foreign talent. 100% American Made. 100% clean, compliant code.

There it is boys. Read it and weep.

They wouldn’t believe it unless they actually saw it. So boom. There it is.

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