My Saturday…

16 Nov

It was all the things I usually do. The first thing I do is clean the entire house. I like my life perfect and perfectly clean. I did the laundry, made a nice brunch and sat in the dining room to watch the sun shine on the lake as I drank a cup of my favorite herbal tea – raspberry.

I am having dinner with a friend this evening. I have vowed to get out more on the weekends. I love being home in my little piece of paradise, but I need something other than just work in my life.

On another friend note, Jules is moving permanently from New York to Palm Beach right after Thanksgiving. Which is great because I need her. If you didn’t already figure it out by the photos on the Internet, my best friend was Miss USA and first runner for Miss Universe. We met when I approached her about being one of my models when I was shooting them for high end jewelry. We’ve been besties ever since. Her name is Julie but I call her Jules. She’s like family to me now.

Work is moving forward quite nicely. The server was deployed on Friday and I started into my installs and development and the first draft (minus design touches) of the home page was in place before the end of the day. I work fast. Really fast. I deployed a lead page on social plus posts. You know the usual kind of thing. Everything is moving forward.

The reminder popped up on my phone that tomorrow is my favorite day of the month. I have my monthly massage appointment. I can’t wait.

That’s my Saturday.

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