A better day…

15 Nov

Moving forward today. Everyone has their new responsibilities and I dove right into to things that I need to fix. Mostly, all the public facing social accounts need setup and a strategy going and public listings fixed, etc. etc.

As for the server, I didn’t know that they started the 24 hour hold for fraud check. They couldn’t use me to whitelist it because it wasn’t my credit card on the order. So it’s being held for 24 hours. I’ve had that happen at other server companies but not at the one where we placed the order. I understand why they do it. But you know I really wanted to tear into it today, don’t you? I do however appreciate the $600 Laura Kerbyson discount that you gave me. God knows, I’ve ordered enough servers through the years. :)

I am going to get to dinner with a friend Saturday evening and try to forget about work for a while. I’ve got to have some balance restored to my life. There’s been a lot of change the past couple of weeks. I am trying to approach it all constructively.

Even though it’s late, I think I will head to the gym. It means I won’t get to bed before 11 p.m. but I’m going to go anyways.

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