There’s never a dull day…

14 Nov

You know that’s the nature of business.

I think some changes were made for the positive today. I am sure there are people who didn’t view that way. As usual, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Let’s just say that the strategy is changing. I am truly trusting that they mean what they say when they say they trust me and they are behind me. Because they asked how I would fix a whole situation and that was an easy answer for me. I have done this so many times for businesses that I know what needs to be done.

So I started the process. If they let me do what needs to be done, they will see a dramatic difference in numbers in web traffic. I’ve done this so many times for so many different businesses that I don’t doubt what I am saying or recommending. The person who had responsibilities reassigned probably hates me but they will be stronger in the end if they stay and learn from me. I know I have a lot to learn from them. I hope that they will see this as a team effort.

The way I have always viewed my role is that I am here to create something that is turn key. I create lots of things for businesses who are not dependent on me in the end. It’s meant to be that way. If we continue to work together, that’s always fabulous but I like for there to be businesses in my portfolio who first and foremost survive.

So the direction changed very dramatically today but I think everyone will win in the end if they stick with it.

There is some volatility to these relationships. That requires navigation.

But to my backend crew in Arizona. Welcome back to the next company and the next project. It’s time to kick ass boys. Let’s do it. The order has been dropped. I’ll start dev on that server tomorrow. We know what we have to do.

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