In 30 years, I’ve never seen this…

12 Nov

I can’t really tell you the specifics about this or who I’m working with but if you know me, there have been very few things in life in which I am afraid.

That is until now. I am working with someone who has the craziest, most terrifying strategy I’ve ever seen. He’s a huge risk taker. But I analyzed his previous numbers and this actually worked. There’s a lot of money involved in this. I have never had a day in my career where I felt absolutely terrified over what we were doing, until now. He’s telling me what to do and I do it, but it’s not without absolute fear.

Never in a million years, would I have thought to come up with this strategy and never in a million years would I have thought that this would work. But when I look at his past performance, it did work but it takes time to get it to work. I don’t even profess to yet fully understand the strategy. But I can see the final result. When some people saw what I did with planning Verve, I heard the same kind of comments but that’s an entirely different animal and project. What was easy for me, looked very complex to someone else.

He has to be the craziest genius I have ever worked with and I thought I had studied and read about many of them. He thinks entirely differently then what you would try to predict. The systems are so complex it’s insane. But from a technical perspective, you have to deeply admire that skill set and that somebody would come up with all this. But I am losing sleep over what we are doing with the strategy because there’s so much money involved and early on, I feel like the floor is going to open up under me but if you look at past history, that happened at this time period in the cycle too. And let’s hope this is a cycle. He knows this particular niche industry better than anyone I’ve met.

But honestly, this has to be the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done and you’ve known me to do all kinds of things in my life. I am putting some blind faith into this situation because I can evaluate past performance. Someday, I hope to understand why this would work. I hoping that my contribution to this makes it work better. But seriously, and I mean this, I wasn’t even this afraid the first time I was strapped into a safety harness to shoot aerial photographs from a helicopter before we had drones. Does that tell you how I feel or why I’m having trouble sleeping?

Right now, this is taking a serious leap of faith. But I just keep thinking about those numbers six months down the road, 12 months down the road. He would not be telling me to do this if it didn’t work before. I can see from the numbers, that it did work in the past. We definitely come from different backgrounds where our tool sets are very different. I am learning a lot about his right now. I think it’s in the plan for me to use some of the tools I am accustom to in the near future. But it terms of the wild strategy, that really has nothing to do with tools.

I don’t understand why I never had that kind of fear spending $500 to $750 million on building a park. I felt like I could do a large scale project like Verve in my sleep. I never doubted any of those abilities. Those figures are way higher than what we’re dealing with at the present. I guess it’s just the approach that invokes fear. And I’m stepping out into the unknown. And not quite fully understanding it yet. But this is a wild, wild ride. That’s all I can tell you.

I’ve got to go to the gym at the end of the day because I have to shut this off or I’ll never sleep right again. So I’m hoping if I can make this vague blog post I can just let go of it.

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