Obviously, it’s been a difficult week….

10 Nov

I feel like a tragedy got compounded when I had a friend who I always thought would step up to the plate in the event of something really bad happening. Then much to my surprise it was a kind of “this is your stuff to deal with, I don’t have time for this.”

Jules is my best friend and will forever be. She and I talked about the other friend’s reaction. She understands why that friendship is now forever changed. I always thought they were a good friend and then you find out that they are not. Or let me just say that that is not the kind of friend I need.

The same thing kind of happened with my mother. She couldn’t be bothered to leave her dance lesson. Let’s not even go into how self centered this stuff is or how many years of my life I’ve had to deal with this crap.

Anyways, the point is last night it hit me that although the girls in my life a very sympathetic and supportive, they don’t understand anything about aircraft. So I need to reach out to some people who used to be in my life who are pilots. G. and Vance-A-Million.

I lost track of time last night and it might have been close to 1 a.m. when I texted G. and told him what happened. G. lives in another state and probably had no knowledge of the crash. I sent him some links and asked him to show them to Vance and give me some feedback with their opinions. I am pretty sure that Vance was a military pilot before his long career as a commercial pilot.

G. was nice enough to text back that they would look at the footage. I hope they do because I would feel better talking to some pilots about it.

I’m just trying to work through this process. For someone who has such a steady and calm life, it just kind of puts you on a roller coaster of everything that you think and feel. It’s going to take some time to work this out.


Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Palm Beach – Jules and I were talking about last year we got together with another friend and the three of us went to the tree lighting ceremony. We decided that we’re going to do it again this year. I said, “I think we should take another photo and compare it to last year’s photo.” It was a fun night last year. We went to the ceremony and then we went out to dinner.

There are certain friends that when we get off the phone I can say, “Love you. Can’t wait to see you.” She’s definitely one of them. The group that we tend to get together with in Palm Beach is a more caring group of people.

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