Change of Scene…

09 Nov

I’m going up to the bar at The Breakers for a change of scene this evening.

I talked to Jules and she isn’t coming back from New York until after Thanksgiving.

I worked this morning on cleaning up residual off the sliders. I cleaned everything last night. You know I can’t stand my home not to be perfect. I can’t take it.

I finally went and pick up some groceries and put fuel in the car and that kind of stuff.

It’s been rainy and dreary all day. When I stand in the dining room and look at the lake it is so grey. Not a shred of it’s beautiful blue today.

I’m just feeling like I should get out of cocktail this evening and quit looking at the rain.


Here’s the accessories we talked about.

These stupid shoes ended up being the most comfortable high heels. Since it’s raining tonight, they are the pick of the day. I went and had toes done today. My favorite color.

Go ahead and say it, “Nigel Approved!” Nigel is the statue if you don’t know that.

This is the gold version of the Tiffany’s watch that we talked about. I have in stainless and gold. I’m just not liking my Apple watch.

As for jewelry, I threw on the black Van Cleef Alhambra necklace and earrings. The bracelet is the white mother-of-pearl-version. The symbol is supposed to represent luck and signature. I could use more luck couldn’t I?

That completes the outfit. The dress is just a simple black velvet.

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