I think I got my clue…

08 Nov

I am writing everything down here because in 2 years I’ll know for sure if I got my clue.

Remember I asked him to give me a clue, give me something.

So I was watching YouTube videos trying to figure out what could have gone wrong. In the middle of one video there was a diagram explaining how if the Angle of Attack was too much for the weight of the plane, this could cause the plane to dive. And as soon as the words “Angle of Attack” came up on the screen, I got a really high pitch frequency in my left ear. Pilots do communicate through headsets.

In 2 years, the NTSB crash report will be released we’ll see if matches the same message I think I just received.

The Angle of Attack was too sharp for the weight of the plane. He could have been banking in the opposite direction at the time the calculations were no longer on his side. That would cause it. Or if he simply reacted and pulled back, that would cause it. Because it’s a very heavy plane, the dive would be severe.

In watching the videos and comparing them to old videos, I think both engines were running. So the report from one person on the ground that this was a right engine failure did not seem likely to me. Also I had some personal experience with a right engine failure and the plane really pulls to one side. I didn’t see any evidence of this.

I think he may have been trying to tell me that this was pilot error because the Angle of Attack caught him by surprise.

When the report is released in a few years, I’ll come back to the blog and read what I wrote and see if they match.

I personally had a sense that he could hear me and he knew I wanted a clue. I am happy that you would try to answer that. I wonder if you still have ways of reading this blog or is that you just look over my shoulder?

Someday maybe I’ll know the answers to those questions.

As I said, in the meantime, I’ll wait for the NTSB report.

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