Success! They are beautiful and the fix works.

03 Nov

The glass doors and the the glass wall that is. I redid the seals on both sides of the glass yesterday. Recently I had someone take the doors completely off and replace the wheels on the bottom and clean out the tracks. Then new screen doors were made. On the inside today, I cleaned up the aluminum and they doors now look like they would the day they were new. I have yet to clean the exterior with acid, but that has to wait a few weeks while the seals set.

Previously, I would get up in the morning and there would be condensation on the inside of the doors, which told me the seals were bad. This morning, dry as a bone. It worked. There’s a metal accordion shutter on this door. To replace this one door, was $15,000. And the modern white windows, would have screwed with the design I have going here with all the stainless and aluminum.

It’s dark out now or I would take a photo and show you. They look really good. The only thing I have left to do (and it needs to be done during daylight) is remove a little residual sealer from a few small spots. They are beautiful and they work flawlessly.

Some people do things for money. I do them for the accomplishment. I can remember being a kid when my dad pulled all the windows out of the house. You could see right through it.

I’ll take on things like this, but I will no longer take on some of the stuff I was assigned to take on at 12 and 13. My dad never contracted anything out because he was an engineer. And I can remember when he and I put a new roof on the house when I was about 13. Why wasn’t my brother assigned to do this you ask? Because the bonehead fell off the roof. And yes, now the bonehead is a little smarter and has a Ph.D.

Remember, before we had illegal immigrants in this country, we had children and that’s who did the work. Believe me, I was unpaid labor. No minimum wage for me.

I was working on the Staffing Online project and we had an engineer working for me who was in charge of the Amazon server. I had the dedicated, and he had the virtual. He fell of the roof trying to fix his antenna and broke his leg. J.B. kept saying to me, “That guy’s on drugs. Nobody falls off their roof!”

Wanna bet?

Like a year later, I’m working on the Arnold Palmer account and I call Godaddy and they of course remember that project and they ask, “Whatever happened to the guy that was on drugs and fell of the roof.”

I was like, “Do not listen to J.B. The guy was not on drugs. But yes he fell of the roof.”

Am the only one who seems to understands how this could happen?

I am so sore it’s ridiculous. People with neck problems really shouldn’t be taking on this kind of thing but you understand why it had to be done. I’m hurting now and I’m sure tomorrow will not be a walk in the park. But at least a milestone in this major project was reached. Accomplished. Successful. Beautiful. Just the way I like it.

It is on my eventual list to replace those blinds in the dining room. All in good time.

Just like today, I’m at Home Depot when I realize, “You know another item on my list I haven’t gotten to is replacing the toilet seats. I want to do that today.”

That’s done too.

More more item off the list.

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