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01 Nov

This post is all over the place. I know. I know.

We had to troubleshoot the master software system (that thing I call Frankenstein). I controls the call centers, the leads, the PBX, the SMS messages and email drip campaigns. And there was a malfunction today. I told you, I am learning how to get inside some body else’s head and learn how they think so I can understand the software they designed. The problem turned out to be an infinite loop buried deep inside a flow path. This system is actually very, very complex.

We had to listen to a pitch from a company who wanted to sell blog content and they were bragging about 40,000 in traffic. I wanted to laugh. 40,000? Seriously???? I have more than 40,000 to my personal blog let alone a business. I am not in favor of that idea. They obviously do not know how to to drive traffic.

What do I think about my new Apple Watch? I really hate the looks of this thing. The one big thing I was able do was to to figure out how I can use the watch to control my car stereo. I drive a half hour each way every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s Boca Raton or Palm Beach. I’m in a position where I’m on I95 every day. I was in a meeting today and I was getting my Slack notifications on my phone. That’s useful. What I can’t believe is how sad these electronic watch faces choices are…they need to hire a real designer like me to go to town on something like that. These are some of the worst, ugliest interfaces I’ve seen. Seriously? I’m supposed to wear this? Of course my thoughts go back to the custom Rolex I designed but we didn’t actually make it yet. I have the watch maker who can do it. It’s just a big hit to the budget.

This was the last iteration of the design where I have a photo. I 86ed the band. That’s not the look. So this would have more modern band on it. You could do this iteration of the design with 2 or 3 CTS Diamonds. I think 3 is a little much. This photo probably shows 2 CTS. I am not a fan of Jubilee bands. I don’t think this is going to happen for a while. I may screw with something else first. But I like a watch to be a style element. And that’s the thing that the Apple watch fails miserably on. I have a phone that will actually do everything the watch can do. It’s just my thoughts on the issue.

If you’ve looked at my work on Instagram, you know what I look for when I redesign something. There’s a certain look that makes it Laura Kerbyson.

If you’re new to the blog or my career, you have to understand that I’ve redesigned a Porsche, Yachts, real estate, designed theme parks from scratch, designer accessories, clothing, the list goes on. Style has always been my business. Right now I’ve taken a project that deals more with functionality because I have a background in computer science marketing as well. But the core of my career has been about creating memorable experiences with style.

Instagram doesn’t even let you scroll through all the photos, so I had to also post to Pinterest, which actually works better in many ways.

You know I don’t do Facebook. One of the guys who I am working with thought it was funny to create an account for me. We do need it to access ad previews since they don’t have a corporate account. I am always logged in as a business for someone. This is the first time, I have to go through a “personal” account. Don’t be looking for me to build anything out that platform.

They came this morning to put my new screen doors on my dining room. I am replacing the old ones because they screw up the view. The look and the view in a piece of real estate is very important. Unfortunately, the doors need to be cut down a bit because they are custom built. But you can tell it will improve the view and they slide like glass.

My entire back wall is glass and I have a view of the lake and the golf course. I want it as perfect as I can get it.

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