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29 Oct

Now I’m going to show some of the screen shots from the funny social campaigns that we are turning on for testing this week.

The company name you see in the ad is not the actual company, we test under this name.

There’s 3 campaigns I want to show you. The first is the Creative Campaign Featuring Dogs & Cats, The Second is Just Retired (These are hilarious. I am quire sure they are going to be rejected by the platform when we submit them. But we don’t care they are funny anyways.) And the third is not as funny, but cute called “Do More With Your Money.” When people tell me to go create campaigns and get creative, I love it because this is what I do best. I’m sorry the images are a little blurry, these were taken from screenshots from my old Airbook. It’s enough for you to get the idea.

First Campaign: Creative with Pets

Now Here’s the “Just Retired Campaign.” It’s going to get rejected by the system and then I’ll have to revise it. They don’t allow you to ask questions in ads or use “obscene gestures.” The verbiage didn’t pass compliance about the rates so we had to revise. Remember, right now these are outtakes until corrected.

We laughed hysterially looking at these. I said the guy at the top with the double gun salate should be my Slack photo. “What do you think Laura. I think this!” Funny. He’s priceless.

And the last campaign runs tomorrow. I like this one it’s called “Do More With Your Money.”

Anyways, I just wanted to share some of what I’ve been working on because after all advertising is meant to be seen. We’ll be testing different versions of the text. But this is why people pay me. I’m creative.

If the campaigns are successful you’ll see the creative show up on different channels and in different advertising forms. And yes, i created some conservative ad campaigns that we’re bench marking against these. These ads will run in 23 states for over 65 years old.

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