I am dying for a night out…

27 Oct

I have been so busy and there always seems to be a reason why I haven’t had a night out. Last night it was setting up the phone and the Apple Watch.

It seems like all my friends live in another state a good part of the year. They live half the year in New and half and Palm Beach.

Jules is in that situation. She is my Bestie and she hasn’t been here in months. I miss her and Susie Q like crazy. Susie lives in Indiana. We just all click and have fun.

Bonjour Witches! It’s time you came back to Palm Beach!!!

I’m feeling all work and no play. It’s getting lonely here. It’s time for everyone in New York to get out of the cold and come and see me. Guys included.

I am thinking maybe next weekend I should make some time and go out Saturday night to the Breakers. I need a night out. I do.

Alas, I’ve heard that everyone is not coming back until November.

But as my mother keeps reminding me, “When do you even have time for friends?”

I know. I know.

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