I have to go in tomorrow…

26 Oct

I have to go into Boca.

Tomorrow is the day that we’re expecting approval on a large quantity of Ad Sets. After approval comes in we need to set the budgets and turn them on and then watch the dollars and when we see winners, put more there and under performers need to get down graded.

It’s like how do I explain this to someone like my mother? It’s a live Internet “Stock Market” and we’re trading and driving things. You can’t take your eyes off it when it starts because the strategies needs to be tweaked and dollars allocated need to move around. It is a lot of money to put into a system like this. We have to be careful. Start slow and then give it acceleration.

But it needs to be running now. It can’t wait until Monday. So I’m going in.

Right now, I am setting up my new iPhone and Apple Watch. Now I remember why it’s been so long since I bought a new one. This is a pain.

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