Project in Boca update…

24 Oct

Everyone’s asking, “So how’s that new project going?”

It’s fabulous it really is. We had so much fun today it was ridiculous. I’ve been building out ad campaigns with different flavors. Two of the creative campaigns are just hysterically funny. We laughed so hard. This is the kind of work that is good for your soul.

We’re about to invest some big money into a whole bunch of  social campaigns that I’ve been building. I ripped through creating a bunch of email marketing campaigns. I have always loved email marketing. I love coming up with the strategy for the campaigns. We’re building some custom audiences for those campaigns. Creative + Analytics is what drives marketing + computer science = your business.

We are functioning extraordinarily well. What’s so great about this relationship is that he’ll say to me, “I need a campaign for (XYZ). Just do you your thing.” And honestly, that’s what’s always worked the best for me. I am at my most creative when someone turns me loose. There’s web sites to make. Landing pages to construct for the email campaigns to land on…

And then there’s big data. This business runs off of the capturing and processing of large amounts of data. And all the data is controlled by software written by The Genius. We’ll call him Boy Wonder since you have no idea who I’m talking about. He likes it when we joke around about names anyways. Seriously, he’s a brilliant one. He’ll learn from me and I will learn from him. He wants me to work on this sophisticated software system with him. I can tell you, it’s going to take a while to learn his logic and what he has hooked to what and where it’s going and which server and the list goes on and on and it. Honestly, you could run Verizon with this type of skill set. I told him I view this system as Frankenstein because it scares me. It walks, it talks and it could kill me in my sleep kind of system. Seriously, he’s building out AI components where you won’t know it’s not a real person.

Today was a perfect day for me. I am very happy to be making that kind of work. There are 3 partners. They’ve all been great. I’ve worked a lot closer with one than the others and with that one, we’ve certainly clicked as a team. You’ve got to love it when that happens.

I know that you have no idea what business I’m talking about or who I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that right now work is good and life is good.

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