I was a tiny bit surprised…

23 Oct

…that the Mayor of New Orleans came out (after I said what I said about what should be done with the collapsed Hard Rock Hotel) and said word for word my recommendation that nothing should be salvaged and the building should be taken down. The Mayor deserves some praise for listening and trying to do what really needs to be done.

What I am surprised by is that new CEO of Hard Rock, Jim Allen,  has not exactly handled this in an elegant way. He’s actually foolish enough to consider trying to fix the building. This CEO does not have Hamish’s experience and it’s showing.

Here’s the reasons why the building needs to come down. I would have thought that these are obvious:

1) If the building is “fixed” no one will have confidence in the structure. You will not hit the capacity numbers you are used to seeing.

2) If something gets missed in “fixing” that structure, then Hard Rock becomes liable for injuries and deaths in the future that could occur.

3) People want to put their faith and trust in a company that first and foremost puts people’s safety first. This engineering firm clearly did not do that. You don’t know that you could possibly find every piece of concrete that wasn’t cured properly or every material and it’s ability to handle load. It’s too much risk and you shouldn’t be risking people’s lives just to make a profit.

The response should have been without hesitation the same as mine and that echoed by the Mayor. The costs of not doing so should have been obvious.

Remember that there is nothing more important than having your customer’s trust. Once it’s broken, they won’t be customers.

Yes you’re losing a lot of money by starting over but I really believe you’ll be losing the cheaper amount. Some times the right thing to do is the hard thing.

I’ve been there and I had to make the tough decisions as well. They weren’t decisions that benefited my pocket that’s for sure.

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