Very grateful…

22 Oct

Over the past four years, I had 3 clients in particular that I had to deal with for a large portion of business that were hot heads and in two cases, the people were absolutely not nice people. The last one on the list was absolutely abusive to people on a daily basis. I don’t like or respect people who are yellers or screamers in the workplace, people that cuss out and bad mouth decent people on a daily basis or employers that steal from their employees or people who treat their customers poorly.

If you know me, then you know that I choose to be positive and I choose to be happy person and I live my life with plenty of peace in it. I’ve worked with many good people over the years and when I need to provide business references, they do it because they know I do good work, I’m a nice person and I work very hard, I’m honest and I have ethics. I do not need or ask people of poor moral fibre to vouch for me.

I finally had enough and I walked out of that situation for good.

For the past week (this is now week 2), I’ve been working with a group of new people. They are all absolutely brilliant. They are fun to work with and they are really genuine nice people. I’m really grateful for the nice people part. I really am. They are so nice that they order and buy my lunch every day. Yes, I think that means that I really have to make sure I get to the gym. I’m trying to do that and I’m shifting my light meal of the day to dinner. What I love about us working as a group is that we are all similar but yet each one of us brings some very different skills to the table. For once in years, I have the opportunity to learn things from this group. I love that as well.

But mostly I just wanted to let friends know that right now I am happy and I’m grateful to have met this group and we seem to be doing some good work together. I think someone upstairs may have been looking out for me this time.

I appreciate it.

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