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20 Oct

Every time I thought about my home project “to do” list this weekend, I kept thinking. “I don’t want to do that this weekend. What else is on the list?”

I didn’t want to continue to work on the window project because I need a break from it.

I didn’t want to go to the driving range because I am getting a massage today and the driving range will just make me sore and defeat the purpose of the massage.

Finally, I found something on the list I was willing to take on – Upgrade my own personal antiquated technology. I always make sure everyone around me has the best of everything and then when I start looking at my own stuff, it’s well – old. So I ordered a new phone. It doesn’t ship until the first week of November. I had to order it because I need the larger storage space. Then I ordered an Apple Watch.

That is the thing that shocks my friends so much. Back in 2015 I was making designer technology accessories including Apple Watch bands. I discontinued doing it when a hurricane wiped out the inventory that was not insured. But I always preferred that my watch look like a piece of jewelry. So I never bought an Apple Watch. My how things change. I think the watch will be more beneficial for work and work outs. I am tired of dealing with wired headphones and having to buy yoga pants for the gym with a cell phone pocket in them. If that could all move to a watch, I could see the benefit. Taking a call on the watch vs. a phone when you’re in the car, I could see a benefit in that. So that’s why I finally caved in and ordered the watch. I still don’t like the way these things look but of course I’m changing the band on the watch. We’ll see how this looks.

I won’t have it until November either. Why? Because there’s no point in setting up two devices at two different times. It’s easier to do them both at the same time.

Anyways, enough for now. I’m off to my massage. It’s my favorite day of the month.

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