My thoughts on the Hard Rock Hotel Collapse…

19 Oct

It’s storm season and that structure is unstable. So they are brining in demolition teams with explosives to bring down the two cranes.

I’m sure you know this, but let there be no doubt, as soon as you’ve gathered all the evidence that you’re going to need for litigation you need to demo that entire building and the sooner the better.

I wouldn’t try to salvage anything from it.

I met with Hesalip Engineering when I was in New Orleans. I very quickly determined that they were not a firm I would consider for my project. I was looking at spending a lot more money on building the park, hotel, campground, spa and waterpark because I was bringing in a firm from out of state. There’s not much expertise in that city.

But let me say, if you need the name of a true Shark attorney, I do know where to send you. If you want a referral, text me and I’ll tell you who to talk to.

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