I just heard about the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans…

16 Oct

I’ve been very busy this week and I just heard the news from a few day ago. I didn’t hear the news when it happened.

I am very sorry that Hard Rock has to go through that experience. They are a first rate company who always does everything well. I am sure that this has nothing to do with the brand and rather with the construction company.

But it total honesty, I am not surprised that construction crews in New Orleans would have this kind of disaster. When I went to New Orleans to build the theme park, I found a lot of substandard work and work ethic. I found that the people I met with had very little regard for human safety. If you read the old blog posts, you know all the stories.

The lies and the dishonesty are what lead me to pull out of doing a project in New Orleans. I went and I lived there for at four months. It was an eye opening experience and not what we are used to on the East Coast. That and three feet of water was enough for me to say, “What liars!” The drainage system was obviously not fixed.

I wasn’t even able to convince them that they would have to tear down the old Jazzland property. That it would be very unethical and unsafe to try to lead people to believe that those old rides should be rehabilitated. They shouldn’t have pitched it to me or anyone else. No one cared. As you know, I started my project on property that was not the old Jazzland property.

I hate to even write this post but that’s the truth of what I found in New Orleans. There’s some evil in that city, in more ways than one.

Everything told me not to do that project in New Orleans.


And did you think I was joking about my “chat” with Marie Laveau? Look back at the old posts

It was not a joke.

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