I’m giving it time and patience…

16 Oct

I am writing about two separate things here.

I am still being inducted into the new project. A lot of what I’ve been shown has nothing to do with marketing and I’m seeing some stuff that I’ve never seen before. I would venture to say that a lot of what I’ve seen would normally fall to an Information Technology Admin. There’s some very complicated systems and a whole lot of proprietary systems.

I am trying to reserve a judgement for now. I hope I see more marketing. Monday was all marketing. Tuesday was all – well, systems I’ve never touched before. Advertising Agencies or Marketing People who are web developers would never see those kinds of systems. A lot of the systems fall into the kind of technology it takes to power a company and project of that kind. It’s a lot to take in. It’s best to reserve judgement for later.

I am also trying to do some very intense research and problem solving for someone who called me last weekend. It’s one of the biggest sites I’ve ever been asked to quote, and this issue is very, very complex. You are talking close to 100,000 pages of a site that was written back in 2000 and they now want it converted to Wordpress. There’s custom programming. I’ve put calls into engineers who I think would have approached this issue before. This is not an easy issue and I know it. I am looking for the appropriate answer and response and finding the appropriate team members to take this project. The obvious answer is not going to work in this case. The obvious answer is that’s a million dollar site. But by using very specific engineers, that price could be brought down to something reasonable. I am well aware that there are a lot of tools that would do a disastrous job on conversion. We either have to get it right, or not do it.

It’s been the week for very, very complex stuff, that’s all I can tell you. Everybody who specializes in computer science and years ago I went a particular direction. No one person knows how to do all of it. This week is an example of why it takes so many experts.

I am hoping that people are going to draw on my areas of expertise.

I probably won’t have much to say this week because I have a lot of things to think about and a lot of problems to solve for people. None of these are easy answer situations.  That generally will make me quieter.

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