All kinds of things going on…

06 Oct

Some of which I can tell you and some of which I want to hold off on for a while…

Here’s what I can tell you:

The new not water is in and so I will have a nice hot bath tonight.

The new box springs were delivered. They are perfect this time.

I’ve lost a fair amount of weight over the last couple of years. I gained some weight a few years ago because I went through a challenging period. It was the first time I had ever gained weight. But as I was losing the weight, I kept wearing the larger sized clothes. A lot of people didn’t notice that much when I gained the weight because I gained it in all the right places and had that Marilyn Monroe look. It wasn’t unequally distributed.

Today I finally said, “Enough. It’s time to buy a few things that fit and let’s see what size you are…”

I had lost 23 lbs. and six to eight dress sizes. At my top weight, which of course you’ve seen, everyone has – I was a size 10. I bought 2’s and 4’s today. The sad thing is I had an entire storage unit full of really nice clothes in those sizes and I gave them away 2 years thinking I would never be this size again.

And what’s interesting is that when I am wearing a dress that actually fits, I look much smaller. These were the sizes I have been most of my life.

Now here’s the other thing. If you want to buy a dress that is a size 2 or size 4 guess what? That dress will be black because that’s all they really want to stock in that size. You know it’s not my favorite. But at least my figure looks good in a black dress that fits. One of them I even put on and said, “Va Va Voom Chicky! When did you get that shape back?” All those workouts at the gym have been paying off.

If I get some time this week, I might snap a quick fashion show because the difference in having the right size is substantial.

I have an important meeting Monday. One of the dresses that looks professional will be for that meeting. Attention to details are important in life.

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