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01 Oct

I heard the, “Who cares about the windows, how did your eyes turn out?”

If you missed that part of the story about a week and a couple of days ago, I had six shots of Botox to lift my eyes. It gives a little more arch to the eyebrow and pulls them up a bit so they don’t hide behind the glasses. They told me it would take a full 2 weeks to see all the results.

I did not retouch these photos in any way because we will use these as evaluation photos. Evaluation photos need to be boring so that you can judge things like symmetry or progress. I shot them this evening. Keep in mind I am 50 years old.

I haven’t decided yet, but I am contemplating a lower face lift by one of the great experts in this country on facial surgery. The point would be to remove the jowl area that shows in 50 year olds and to tighten up the jaw line. I am still in the thinking and discussion stages. I went and talked to my expert who is the leading expert on eyes and fillers. He advised me about the way the procedure really should be done because he said most doctors do not do it correctly. I’ve never had filler but we are planning some to the corners of the mouth that will remove that age. He advised me not to do it until I decided about the lower. He made the referal for me to the other leading expert. For the filler around my mouth I would go to my eye expert because he invented Juvederm and Krybella.

About four years ago, my eye plastic surgeon did under my eyes and made them absolutely perfect. I wish I had done it 15 years before. They were an item that needed to be tweaked. But when it comes to the things I elect to do, they must be done with this country’s leading authorities. I wouldn’t dare risk it without the top notch.

I take very, very good care of my skin but as you age it loses a little elasticity. Sometimes you need a little help.

I want to be as beautiful as I can be. It’s helpful in my career. It’s helpful in my personal relationships. It makes me feel better about myself to always try to look my best. I am also that way with clothes, jewelry, etc. I like a polished look. I feel like a better external appearance more closely matches what’s on the inside when it comes to me.

My girl friends always want to see these photos. As for everyone else, you can pass if you don’t want to see them.

Well it’s kind of funny that I’m the same age as the windows and we both needed a little work.

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