Now the projects begin…

28 Sep

I’m done with my six day work week. That should be the last long week that I have for a while. I’m still building out the backend of that site because there’s a new major section coming after I’m finished.

I’ve got a cover to do but I’m not hopeful about that cover. I’ve had to make more items for that client that I don’t like then I can count. Some of the things I’m asked to do with design and graphics are big no, nos but that’s what they want. But that kind of work is never fun for someone with an education and 30 years of experience. I don’t like doing work that makes me look bad. But you do it because money is money and it’s their money to waste if that’s what they choose to do.

Now on to my weekend (Sunday and Monday). I’m taking on finishing restoring the windows. It’s a major job but it’s been on my list for while. My downfall in life is that I’m such a hard worker and I don’t like unfinished projects. So that means me working seven days this week. But this is something for me and that means I have total design control, which is why it looks so good.

But that project won’t be done even after this weekend because I’ll bring in a company to do the hurricane film and someone to do the blinds.

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