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27 Sep

You know I do design work on properties. One of the things I love is the use of metal in my design work. I recently decided that I was going to restore these aluminum windows because they are so cool looking and the aluminum fits in well with the rest of the design.

I ordered and received the marine product that’s used on boats – like canoes and pontoon boats to make them look like new after they’ve been sitting in the water for years. It’s also used on airplanes. It’s a very potent acid. You must wear protective clothing and gear.

I have to tell you that’s there’s something very gratifying about watching 50 years of dirt and grime drip off a surface only to have them looking brand new. I did the inside of one window tonight and it’s so pretty. That shiny aluminum looks fantastic. This weekend I’ll be able to re-caulk and reseal the window. Then when I’m done with all the windows, I’ll have hurricane film installed. I have shutters, but the film is good for UV block and instances when you’re not home and a storm comes. The window might break, but it won’t shatter.

But I have to tell you, so far, this is working like a charm.

I love to do this kind of thing with furniture and giving it a different look. People couldn’t believe what I did with that extra long bathtub. I had contractors tell me I would never be able to restore it to perfect condition. I did and it’s not reglazed and it’s perfect. Not one scratch. There’s a store in Palm Beach that sells that extra long tub for $8000. It was worth the work.

There’s just something gratifying about making something look new and fixing it.

Because I literally have replaced every appliance, the furnace, the AC, every light with LED, the electric bill on this property runs about $65 a month. I would only save $6 a month with brand new windows.

If you are new to the blog – my background is in computer science and design. And in terms of design work, I do not just digital but also hard assets like real estate, interior design and merchandise.

In terms of real estate, I love to do modern design work. I always use a few retro touches to contrast the design. I also like a few industrial looking elements.

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