I’ve been busy with the silly, little things in life…

24 Sep

My entire next weekend is devoted to fixing these windows. I ordered a bunch of stuff so that I can attempt to fix them before I make any decisions.

It bothers me to put money into a piece of property knowing that I couldn’t recoup that money. If you let it appreciate for five years, I think it will be a different story. The biggest thing that people put money into with a piece of property that they don’t get back is unfortunately, the windows. I have antique hurricane shutters and I contemplated doing away with them.

In the meantime, there’s hurricane film, parts, sealer and cleaner that can be used to improve the situation. You know me, if I think I can fix it myself, I usually do. They make this stuff for boats that I want to try.

The one thing I couldn’t fix myself was my face. I noticed one eye dropping more than the other. Age is kicking in a little. So I went into see a plastic surgeon about it expecting that this is something that we would fix with some incisions. Not so. I didn’t quite believe it when they told me that Botox could lift my eyebrows and pull everything back to where it needs to be. It takes five days to see the result. But even after one day, it’s already pulled it back to where it should be. I honestly wouldn’t have believed that if I didn’t see it.

Now to fix the lower, I do have to consider doing that surgically. I am just at the beginning stages of where women don’t like the way they age. I probably will fix it but I will consult with my other expert first to see what his opinion is about how to fix it and what to do first. I already have one opinion.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to myself. This stuff drives me crazy. I won’t be happy until I solve it. You realize that? Right?

The rest of the to do list has been a bunch of little stuff:

- Send the new tea set back because it arrived broken

- Now I have to mount the mirror I bought for above my makeup table this weekend

- I have new box springs coming this weekend

- I am planning a ladies luncheon for a girl friend’s birthday for late October, or early November

It’s a bunch of stuff that will eat up the whole weekend.

I’m not working out tonight because they told me after six shots of Botox not to work out for a few days. So I’m taking the night off.

And that’s my immediate list outside of work items.


I made that orange, basil chicken with rice. It was very good. I am happy with it. I’ll make that again.

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