I’m in List Mode…

18 Sep

I’ve been making my beauty list of items that need work. Some of them I started working on this week. Some of them I need to research in the next month what I plan to do and which experts I need to talk to…I am making appointments.

It’s time to make some improvements.

I also have a “home list” these are small projects and details that I’ve wanted to get done. I’ve ordered some items to knock them off my list.

And then I have 2 major projects I am considering. As you know one is all new windows. I’ve been meeting and getting quotes from companies. One company is definitely out of the running. Company number 2 came in with better windows, lifetime warranties by the manufacturer and the installer and 40% less than company number 1. It will take me time to consider the options and decide what month this should happen if it happens. It’s still a very hefty price tag to install hurricane windows.

As I said, I’m in List Mode.

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