Balloons and fanfare and one fabulous cup of coffee…

15 Sep

Yeah! The e-commerce site for the client is finished. We got to the “show me the money” part where we put the site live and run a test transaction and everything worked. It was all calculated and the money was deposited to the right account. This was a client from South Carolina.

I always get a big smile when I reach this point in the development of an e-commerce site. They are so much work.

We are now live! And it’s done.

And right before this glorious news, my new stainless steel french press arrived. I like Cuban coffee made as Cafe Con Leche. I bought an all stainless Veken because stainless steel retains heat so much better than glass and the whole thing can go in the dishwasher. I made one fabulous cup of coffee. This is a real winner and tastes more like that great coffee I had in Paris.

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