Shopping, Nails and Diamonds…

15 Sep

I ordered a french press and a bone china tea set.

I went to get my nails done. I did my usual. I got my toes painted and manicured and my nails just manicured.

My manicurist was making fun of me. She said I was a lady and I should have my nails painted.

I don’t think she would understand that there’s a reason I don’t usually paint my nails.

Most of you know that I am a designer, a photographer and a web developer. I also do advertising. I work on a computer or behind a camera all day.

My primary client is a high end jewelry store on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. When they need for someone to model a diamond engagement ring, they come and get me out from behind the computer. I don’t want the attention going to my nails. I want it going to the ring.

This week, I actually modeled one that I would like. Most people don’t understand that carat weight doesn’t have to do with the size of the diamond (unless it’s a round). It really does have to do with weight.

Christopher had designed a ring with a 5 CTS Rectangular Radiant Diamond that was the size that most people would guess would be an 8-10 CTS. Two trillions were set on the sides. What I liked about this ring is that it wasn’t heavy. I felt like I wearing nothing. It was quite seamless and yet it was a stunning diamond ring. Sticker price was $110,000. It really looked like a $500,000 ring. It took one look from the client to decide to buy it for his wife. Good decision because it was gorgeous.

A lot of people want to know what I think of the 17 CTS. It’s a ring for someone, but that someone would not be me. The ring is too heavy and large for the way I live my life. The ring they just had me model would be more to my liking. It’s a big diamond that doesn’t feel like a big diamond. More carats does not necessarily make for a better ring. I hated the day we shot the 17 CTS on my hand because my hands were so swollen that day. They look at lot better now because I’ve been putting work into my skin and I got a gel that takes the swelling out of my hands.

It’s a shame that ring he just designed never made it to the front window because more people would have loved it.

There have been studies done that show that when women look at sparkly things they produce endorphins. I got my fix for that day.

My hands are photographing much better than they did six months ago.

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