It will be a coffee day…

09 Sep

I woke up at 2 o’clock in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.

One of the things that was bothering me was that one of the last items on my list for e-commerce site hadn’t been done yet. I needed to put in new contact forms and connect them to the email addresses.

So I got up and finished that task. It leaves me with three things to complete – the e-commerce system works but it needs the taxes by state and the shipping for the 3 possible sizes of boxes and envelopes. The SSL is now fully attached and I resolved some server issues that the latest versions of things caused.

I asked the owner to research the taxes (because they ultimately have to send in the taxes collected) and also to come up with the shipping zones and amounts because he’ll be able to weigh the packages he intends to use.

Since I’ve been up most of the night, I think I’ll make scrambled eggs for breakfast before I head into the office on Worth Avenue today. On my schedule for today is to get out a couple of hundred letters and marketing packets related to the Guinness Book of Records Paraiba and the 17 CTS Diamond.

After I get that done this week, I’ve got to build another site, because there will be a spinoff company. Then the existing site needs a code update and a caching engine needs to be installed.

I’m building my list for the week.

I think it’s January or February when the special PBS has been working on in regards to the store on Worth will run on television. Jacqueline Journey came to the store and they shot videos and then I sent her a bunch of materials. They are going to cover the history of the business and what we’re doing with the Guinness pieces.

When I get off work, I’ll be headed over to spend a couple hours at the gym. I didn’t have time this weekend. It’s something I look forward to doing.

I’m anticipating I’m going to need a couple of cups of coffee today. However, I should sleep well tonight.

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