It was a challenging weekend…

09 Sep

They came and I received the first quote for my windows. Let’s just talk about one door. In my dining room, the whole wall is glass because it’s an enormous door. Just to replace that door, they quoted me $15,000. That has nothing to do with the rest of the windows.

I need to do some more thinking and research. Right now, I am comfortable with what I spent on renovations. If I wanted to sell it, I could get the money back. But if I were to spend the kind of money that was just quoted, I don’t think I could get it back on a sale. And I’m just not the type of person who would make that kind of decision. I’m going to have to do some additional research and get creative over how I could get some of that cost down. It obviously was not what I wanted to hear. I would love to do away with the hurricane shutters, but not at any cost.

I worked most of the weekend on building out an e-commerce site that I had sold recently. They are so much work to put together. Part of the worst of it still has yet to be done – tax rates and shipping rates. When we didn’t have to charge tax on Internet sales, this was a lot easier. When you have to program in the tax rates and shipping rates, it becomes a lot more work. There’s nothing I can do but plow through it. It is what it is – e-commerce sites are a lot of work. If people only knew what a developer has to do, they would appreciate us so much more for our abilities.

I know, it was such an “unexciting” weekend.

The only fun I had was shopping for a birthday present for a friend. I enjoyed coming up with a creative idea. That was fun.

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