Hurricane update…

03 Sep

West Palm Beach down by where E.R. Bradley’s is (Flagler Drive) is flooding.

Things are rocking and rolling under the bridge at Stuart. A few years ago, I spent many nights on a yacht in the marina by the bridge. I personally think those waters tend to be rougher there than at say a marina like Ft. Pierce.

I just went through my old phone photos. This is the bridge I am talking about at Stuart. Looks totally different now on the weather channel…

Now this is too funny…I was scrolling back on my phone to find you the photo of the bridge, when on the same trip are these photos. There’s some good stuff in this old camera roll.

Those photos were from the years when I was driving my Porsche back and forth between Florida and Hilton Head. I was in a hurry to get back from that trip.

Look at the next photo. The software console I put into the car clocks the max speed at 102 MPH. Then look at the next photos on the camera roll. These are the photos from when the boat sank on Hilton Head. We were on the boat in Stuart when the Everglades boat sank in a hard rain. I wonder if that’s why I was driving 102 MPH?

But let these boat photos teach you that a boat can sink when slightly larger waves start lapping over the back end.

We felt like a bunch of ignorant yee haws when that happened. You gotta admit this stuff is entertaining now.

This is the boat we were staying on in Stuart. It was one of our flips.

I’m totally laughing at the last photo because the “a” is missing off of Carolina. Was it that we weren’t done with this boat or could we just not spell??? Mmm. Un huh…

This is very entertaining. I would not be looking through these old photos if I hadn’t been cooped up for so many days waiting on this ungodly slow hurricane.

You gotta admit that my life is never boring.

I’m still looking through the “picture story.” I’m not sure what came next. If I look at the photos, it looks like I drove us somewhere at night, because those are the blue lights from the Porsche doors and that’s a night shot of the dash.

Then it looks like the next day, we decided to haul the airplane out and give it a bath.

Then I find this one of G. before we had the Viking finished.

Evidentially, I washed the Porsche because it looks pretty good in the next shot. That’s all I can make out of the photos.

We must have actually taken the plane up after that because I find these photos of coming into the runway. Where the hell were we? Which airport is this? Anyone know?

Is this John’s Island, Vero Beach, Florida????

I’m positive we took off from Hilton Head Airport. Look at these photos. I can’t make out what’s on the radio but look at the hangar. That’s the hangar in Hilton Head.

That’s the Ready for Takeoff mode.

You know what I’m wondering? That’s not a shot from that ill fated flight where we had to make the Emergency Landing that wasn’t an official Emergency Landing because we didn’t want to pay for it? We had to land once in Beaufort when the right engine went out.

Yeah, I think that last shot was from that ill fated flight because look what’s next on the roll. This is a jump seat and my phone says it’s from the airport at Lady’s Island.

This is St. Helens’s Island.

You know now that I think about it, I don’t know why they us drive, fly or own anything with the amount of mechanical mishaps that we have had. Think about it – we sunk the boat, two right engine failures on that Comanche Airplane, and I ended up losing the engine and having to replace it on my Porsche. And it only had 60,000 miles on it. Everything we touched was “special” and went South…

We are a bunch of Yee Haws. LOL

Honestly, why do still have driver’s licenses? LOL

I swear to God it’s all a true story.

I think that people who are problem solvers just tend to gravitate to things that have problems to solve. That’s what I think.

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