It’s pretty much done…

30 Aug

I finished getting the antique hurricane shutters up. I discovered that there were never any shutters for the bathroom and one kitchen window.

On the metal accordion shutters that cover the glass wall of the dining room….they were not easy. They obviously had not been closed in a long time. On one side the bottoms were completely out of the track and stuck Armed with my W-D40, I sprayed all the tracks and then tried to move them.

They were really stuck. I pulled, I pulled I pulled. Then I went in and got a hammer. These doors are massive. A six foot tall man would of had trouble with these, let alone someone my size.

And with each whack it was…













And then I threw my weight into it.

BING! Swoosh!

And I got them closed. I was sweaty, dirty and fed up. I looked at the bolts. The washer is square so I had to use my channel lock pliers to get the nuts off the bolts. They don’t look galvanized to me so I will go through my bolt and washer collection and see if I have replacements. I need to wait to for daylight tomorrow because I need to line the holes up and bolt it shut.

And so that’s how I made the decision that after this storm, I am calling to get quotes to replace all the windows with hurricane impact windows. I’ve had enough of this monkey business. It was the last major, major item on my list to do and I’m just going to have to do it somehow.

So everything on the lake side, is now shuttered.

My mother asked me if I could leave town. I can’t. Monica, Christopher and Leo are at the Baltimore Antiques and Art Show. Nicky and I are the only ones left to watch after the store on Worth. Nicky is just 21. There’s no way I could leave town.

This is why I’ve got to replace these windows. If these go, they go. There’s nothing I can do. I’ve secured them the best I can.

The inside is ideal. Every wall is a firewall (no drywall) except for one outside wall.

That’s where I am at with it.

A hot shower never felt as good as it did tonight.

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