It’s going to be several weeks before the Paris photos…

28 Aug

It’s going to be several weeks before I’ll have a chance to edit the Paris photos.

I’ve got an e-commerce site to finish. I’m actually thinking that if we get hit by a tropical storm this weekend in South Florida, it would give me chance to finish it. And I’m building out that Inventory Management System I told you about.

I have thousands of photos that I shot with my professional camera in Paris. I’ve only looked at the first 800 photos and my arm was tired just from flipping through the shots.


Answers to questions about yesterday’s posts:

You wanted to see what the 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond looks like –

What does the world’s largest Paraiba Tourlamine look like –

As for the belt with the largest Opal Doublet, we’ve never released a photo publicly so I can’t show you that right now. It is however in the store on Worth Avenue. The Paraiba and the belt, are both Guinness Book of Records holders.

Have I ever worn the pieces? The answer is yes to the Paraiba and the diamond. They are both extraordinary pieces, I can assure you.

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