Finally, the fun stuff…

25 Aug

A nice glass of Perrier with fresh lemon and then I set about the tasks that I do every weekend which I enjoy. Selecting my clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry for the week.

And planning my menus for the week. As well as planning my workouts. My cooking is far fewer calories than eating out.

I made a very nice Sunday dinner and enjoyed a few minutes in the dining room while I mentally noted what I wanted on the menus this week.

Dinner was stuffed chicken breasts with broccoli and a light cheese with vegetable pilaf.

I went for my monthly massage earlier in the day. It was very nice. I had time to remind myself that I haven’t yet looked at all the photos I took in Paris, let alone edit them.

In the afternoon, I had time to call a girlfriend and get caught up. I told her I brought back tea from Versailles and I wanted to plan a high tea luncheon. Just a girls afternoon, it will be fun.

I’d like a little reading time this evening. And a nice bath…

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