It’s the backend stuff that clients never see…

25 Aug

They are all items that had to be done. I cringe when I think about all the other web sites that need the same thing.

On a client site, I had to upgrade the PHP from 5.6 yo 7.0 because the toolsets we use no longer support PHP 5.6. One third of the Internet has this same issue. That’s a lot of web sties. Then I had to provision the SSL because there is no point in configuring the e-commerce any further until SSL is attached. It changes your settings and ports.

This is the nitty gritty stuff that clients never see that is necessary to keep items running.

There’s another company on the same server that needs the same steps. I cringe at the thought of the functions that might break if we update a site that old. That’s the problem with updating old sites, if there’s a mandatory upgrade, that upgrade can break the functionality of the old site. Then you can end up with a bunch of work that needs to be done.

It’s kind of like code enforcement for your house. Say you just wanted to add a kitchen island and the next thing you know, code enforcement is telling you that you have to upgrade all the electrical in the kitchen to meet code. It’s just like that kind of situation.

Well I’ve done what I can do on the upgrading for this weekend. There’s a time period that I have to wait before I start building out the e-commerce in entirety. So that now moves to next Saturday.

Now it’s time to take a break and get a massage today.

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