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24 Aug

Sometimes when I have a friend who is asking questions, I know the other ones have similar questions.

Question 1 – Which magazine covers did you do this year? Just give me the notable list.

Answer – Well there was the 2 page spread in Rolls Royce. There was the back cover of Palm Beach The Island design magazine. The Palm Beach Guide. The only magazine on the ship The World – there’s a back cover, a 15 page insert and I have an article on style. The World is the ship where the billionaires of the world own the apartments. They spend their time traveling the world. There’s only one magazine on the ship. Those same ads also appears in magazines at The Mandarin Oriental, The Biltmore, The Chesterfield, Delta Sky (for club travelers) and other locations.

Those are the notables that come to mind. This year there might be a shift in ad spend and we might run digital campaigns. We ran some last year but not nearly enough to get us where we need to be.

Question 2 – Did you forget to buy anything in Paris. Any regrets.

Answer – Yes, actually I did but I’ve now ordered them. Two of my favorites are Black Currant Tea and Black Currant Jam for putting on English Muffins. I meant to pick them up. I forgot but I ordered them.

Question – Are you ignoring us this month?

Answer – No, I am just swamped with work because I am double booked. I try not to do this but it was really necessary. I still love all my friends and I think about you. No worries.

Question – I loved that green dress. How did the date go? What’s the story?

Answer: You already know this story. We’ve actually known each other for a couple of years now. He calls me to go out when he’s in town. I think it’s like four or five times a year. He has excellent taste. He’s very good looking and brilliant. What’s not to like? He always takes me to the nicest places. We have a lot in common. Our dads were both electrical engineers. His hobby is photography. He loves the camera the same as I do. He took a family company public and retired at 36. Then he went to Harvard Business School and started a company for himself. Before he went to Harvard he was a chemical engineer. He spends a lot of time in the New York area. And he travels the world much of the year. We met a couple of years ago because he owns a home in my neighborhood. Right down the street. We are both entrepreneurs. You know this story you’ve heard it before.

That’s enough questions for this weekend. I’ve got to go. Client work is calling today.

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