The good news is also bad news…

21 Aug

Addendum Note – I filed for Homestead and received it last year. If I hadn’t I would have been looking at a 24% increase if you work the numbers backwards. I didn’t buy this property to flip. But if you’re going to flip a property that’s why it absolutely has to sell within 10 months or you lost.

That’s how you become a victim of your own success. It has to move quickly. If the holding costs don’t get you the property tax will.


The Palm Beach County Property Appraisers office released the increased values. As a county, property values went up about 4.7%.

My home’s value went up 14%. It went up far more than the county average. That’s the good news and the bad news. Yes, I know how to pick a property and I know what to do with it. This was a good investment of my money and my skills. I gutted the property when I bought it and redesigned it. The bad news is the tax bill obviously.


I have been so go, go, go all week that this evening, I am going to relax a bit. I’m going to do a hot bath and soak in the salts, a little spa music, some beauty treatments, a little televisions, a little magazine reading, some herbal tea and a good night’s sleep.

My home is my sanctuary and the place where I relax and I love it.

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