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17 Aug

Once I got back into this project today, I saw how much imaging work has to be done. I am working on the imaging today. It’s not simple imaging because there are a lot of skews involved in the layers. There’s a lot of photography work.

Tomorrow, I hope to sink some new images into the structure. I am also going to have to copy an intricate asset and then rip it apart to rework it. I can do it on the backend without anyone seeing what I am doing. I think it’s going to take 2 more weekends to complete. When I finish with all that I have to build out the e-commerce portion. The only thing that’s saving me time right now is that I setup this server years ago so everything is where it’s supposed to be.

I have to allow some time tomorrow to grocery shop and go to the gym. I’m just thinking about allocating the time it’s going to take.

As for this evening, I have a major dress dilemma. The gown I brought back from Paris needs to be hemmed. I can wear it but it will drag. So that leaves me with the question, “Do I wear another gown out of the closet and save the Paris gown for later? Or do I wear it anyways?” If I wear another gown, which gown do I wear?

I don’t understand how you can have 2 closets of dresses and you can’t figure out what to wear?

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