Plans for Saturday…

17 Aug

I am putting in a full day on John’s new site. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

And then tomorrow night I have a date that I am looking forward to. It’s going to be a nice evening. I am having a hard time deciding on a dress.

As for the client that I walked away from because of her temper a few months ago …  Sometimes business relationships are like marriages and everybody has put work into them. In the case of this client, they are a family and it’s one that I care about because I have known them so long. We are making the move to “get back together”. The bottom line is is that with the team we have, we make the business better, it just seems to work. I think it’s very important that there not be such long periods in between vacations for me because I always have a heavy workload. It’s important to have destress time. I think it’s important for her to have real vacation time to destress. And if there’s something that would put her over the top, let one of us handle it. I think maybe it’s the team approach that we are moving forward with.

That’s the news for now.

Have a great Saturday.

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