Brief recap of Paris…

12 Aug

Our connecting flight has been delayed so I I’ll give you a brief recap of Paris. I can’t show you any photos until I’m home because I need the computer with the camera card slot to download the images.

The trip started off with my mother earning a new nickname. She was dressed all in black tight fitting clothing when we were sitting at the airport. I named her “Ninja Lin” because she kept disappearing on me right into the same color of the seats and carpets. Finally I told her that she needs the same rules as the Queen. “You must wear bright colors so I can find you.” Her nickname changed when we started touring the city. I’ll save that story for when I have a photo illustration available.

These were some of the highlights:

- We went to Versailles to the Palace. One of the best lunches we had was the salad at Versailles. It has fresh artichokes and a very unique dressing. I don’t know how these photos are going to turn out because we rented a golf cart in order to tour the gardens. My mother was driving like a 100 MPH. I’m trying to hang out of the cart and shoot with my professional camera. We’re traveling fast over cobble stoned roads so it was very bumpy. Let’s put it this way, it much hard to shoot these photos at Versailles than it is to hang out of a helicopter and do an aerial shoot. Before we got in the golf cart, I shot some of the greenery for backgrounds where I can photoshop a model into the picture.

The shops at Versailles had higher quality merchandise than most of what we saw in Paris. I bought a very pretty and elegant bottle of perfume at the shop. I also bought tea from Versailles and I plan to have my friends over for tea.

- We went to the Louvre and I saw the Mona Lisa. We drank wine in the gardens at the Louvre.

- My favorite thing came after the Louvre. We got on the ferris wheel that overlooks all of Paris. You get to go around 3 times. It provides an incredible view of Paris.

- We walked from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower. We walked miles and miles on this trip. As we were walking we were passed by a young man who just walked and bounced like he was so happy. He was carrying bread and breaking it off and eating it. That day we ended up going to Cafe du Mars for dinner. It’s next to the Eiffel towner. And low and behold, we saw the happy young man again. He was our waiter. He had a very, very charming personality and liked to flirt with each and everyone of the ladies having dinner in the outdoor cafe. He always inquired where everyone was from. At the end of the dinner, he got down on one knee and kissed my hand. I told my mother, “A man like that would make a cougar out of us in no time. Do you think he would fit in the suitcase?” LOL. Women loved to be charmed and this waiter knew it. It was funny.

- We went to the Arc de Triomphe and we shopped on the Champs Elysees and in nearby neighborhoods. I bought a beautiful gown in one of my colors. My mother ended up buying a matching gown. I picked up a couple of evening bags – one in gold and one in silver. I picked up a watch in one of the local shops in the neighborhood where we were staying. I bought some french soap, shampoo and conditioner.

- We drove by Notre Dame. Sadly the sight is heartbreaking right now as the roof is clearly gone from the back. Due to the fire, the church is closed right now.

- We fell in love with a cafe right out side of our hotel and we enjoyed some nice dinners and wines from the cafe. We met a lovely Australian couple who was traveling with her father and we enjoyed some wine and conversation.

- Our highlight dinner was to dress up in evening gowns and board a glass boat with a formal dining room. We dinned and drank a bottle of wine as the boat cruises up and down the Seine river.

- We hiked from our hotel to the Sacre Coeur Basilica, which overlooks all of Paris. I went in and said prayers and lit a candle with intentions.

- We saw many, many other museums from an auto tour and icons like The American Church. We saw the capitol building

- It will take me over a month to diet off everything that I ate. Some of the highlights were beef borginoin, french onion soup, pastries, breads, chocolate mousse, creme brulee, salmon, strawberry cake and a long assortment of wines and champagnes. I need nothing but water for a month.

- We laughed when the driver picked us up from the airport. They had put the pickup name under my last name. As we were driving to the hotel, he told us that if we didn’t like cuisine of Paris, Paris had a Hard Rock Cafe. We laughed and I said, I think that will have to been on our stop list. So now I have a Hard Rock Cafe Paris t-shirt. I’ll wear it to the gym, which I will now have to frequent more often this month.

It was a nice trip and we managed to see much of Paris. I am looking forward to getting some sleep when we finally get back to Palm Beach county.

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