Why the new gym philosophy works…

30 Jul

It works because I know after my workout, I get to go to the spa section. Then I get to take a nice long, hot shower and use all the spa products and cute little shower shoes, that I packed in the gym bag. I always make sure to include a cute little dress. If I want it, there’s new makeup and things for doing my hair.

Because you see, if I waited until I got home to do all these things, I would associate feeling relaxed and good with home. This way I am associating that feeling with the gym. So in my mind, I want to go to gym and work out because I always leave their feeling relaxed and clean. It’s pure psychology but it works. It’s important to pack that bag full of goodies and cute work out clothes.

I make sure at the end of every session I use the massage chairs and hydro beds.

Now I look forward to going to the gym. It seems less like work.

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