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28 Jul

I love this.

I bought my mother a new set of golf clubs for Christmas. The driver is what we affectionately called “the cereal bowl driver” – meaning the head of the club is the size of a cereal bowl. I told her if she couldn’t hit the ball with that she should give it up. LOL

My mother works at everything until she conquers all. This past week she shot a 45. She’s 71 years old. She’s killing me here. I don’t get to golf nearly as much as she does.

So Nick stopped by tonight and evened the playing field. He brought me the largest Calloway Big Bertha that they make a a cute little hat in my favorite colors.

Oh yeah. Now we’re talking. Thank you so much….

I’ve got two words for Mother Dear. “Bring it.”


And you know of course, she’s going to win.

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