Last night…

26 Jul

I spent a whopping 15 minutes at networking. It wasn’t my clientele. So I came home and finished the big block of creative for the new company.

It’s funny. I took some creative risks but I am sure that he never imagined I would go this direction.

So it was enough to finish for the first preview of the site. I sent it off with a note that I’m not checking the email until Saturday morning. We have a client meeting on Saturday and we’ll see if it’s – love it or hate it.

But this tends to be the type of thing and client I do best. When someone hands me a product and has no creative pitch and says, “Let’s see what you come up with.”

Creative is a big strong suit for me. I can definitely make it memorable.

Now we wait. So today I am back on Worth working new social media for that store.

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