I could see how people would make that mistake…

21 Jul

I had lunch with someone who had seen a 25 year old photo on the Internet with me next two a couple of girls so they asked me about “my kids.”

The photo was Emma and Meghan. I was married 25 years ago. I was their stepmother. I was the second wife. He’s had three. We’ve been divorced a long time. I haven’t seen the girls in years and years. We had one daughter, who’s now an adult and lives far from me.

That mistake gets made because I never changed my name back after I was divorced years ago. So I have the same last name as my former step daughters. My maiden name was Fleming. However, I think I ended up being one of the most famous people with the last name of Kerbyson on the Internet.

The other little girls in the pictures were the neighbors little girls. That was 25 years ago.

I have no pets and no kids in my house. So people usually ask me about my clients at the advertising agency. I see them far more than any one else except for my friends in South Florida.

It was a delightful lunch. I had lunch with someone who’s from Paris. I received some great pointers for my upcoming trip to Paris. This was much appreciated. Merci beaucoup.

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