For my 50th birthday, my friends all thought alike…

17 Jul

Tell me if you notice a pattern here. These were birthday gifts from yesterday and today for my 50th birthday. I had a very nice dinner last night at Bice in Palm Beach and HMF at The Breakers.

Gift number 1 (which we drank last night)

Gift number 2

and gift number 3, a bottle of Dom Perignon

None of them knew that each other was giving me champagne.

And another friend very graciously picked up the tab for dinner at Bice and our trip to HMF at The Breakers.

It was very nice and thank you all very much. It’s so good to see friends on your birthday.

And my mother is taking me to dinner in Paris in a few weeks.

And another friend is taking me to dinner on Friday night.

I am very blessed to have such great people in my life.

I snapped a quick selfie on my 50th birthday before we went out so you can all see what 50 looks like…

Laura Kerbyson

This was at dinner. They were giving me a hard time. It was funny. Jules thinks it’s blog material. I think the photo is a little goofy, but that’s life too.

I was really happy that the waiter thinks I am 3 years old.

The Litchi Martini was also very good.

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