It’s an absolute honor…

16 Jul

I had a client that I first did business with five years ago. They were part of the clients from Hilton Head when I started Carolina Web Development, before Florida Web Development.

They came down to Singer Island for a vacation and contacted me and we met for a drink at PGA National. They are starting a new company and they ordered a new web site from me. It’s the third site I will have made for him. It’s a real honor when you clients drive from Hilton Head to Palm Beach county and ask to see you to do business with you. It’s a real joy for me to know that I make a great product and deliver a great service and that reputation lasts for years. It’s not something that you can order over the phone or off the web. What I do is really different.

Nothing makes me feel better than that kind of feeling.

Tomorrow is my 50th birthday. This was a great night before. We had a fantastic meeting. I’m brainstorming like crazy over ideas for this one. And it’s the kind of meeting where you feel like you’re doing business with old friends.

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