Thank goodness it missed New Orleans…

15 Jul

They got lucky. The storm missed them and went left. But that also means that we don’t know the level at which New Orleans can withstand water. I don’t trust the Core of Engineers because the last time I was told by everyone that they had fixed the problems, it was a regular rain that put 3 feet of water into New Orleans. If I hadn’t been there and seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it was that much of a problem. Basically, it requires manual labor to clean out the catch basins. If the city workers have not cleaned out the catch basins, there’s a high chance of flooding. That and half the pumps weren’t working. But the pumps are not really designed to handle any great amount of water so even if they are all working – it’s not the answer.

So now that we were on the topic of hurricanes and storms, and we’re at the beginning of the season – I spent today shopping for the annual “hurricane food” and supplies for my home in Florida. The last item I need to get is water.

I only stay if it’s a hurricane 1-3. If it’s a 4, I leave. But sometimes a storm will turn into a bigger number when it’s too late to leave. So therefore, it’s good to have items on hand. You don’t want to be in the stores right before a hurricane. It’s not fun.

Years ago when I stayed for Hurricane Andrew, it was a 4 up until the point when it was announced that you couldn’t get out. Then the storm turned to a category 5. That was my first hurricane.

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